5 things you should know about marketing

Complicate to define, marketing is any activity that makes it easier to sell your product. Marketing umbrella includes generating leads, running TV ads, using customer relationship management software, or authoring a blog.


Marketing activities include branding, messaging, online presence, content, social media, PR, advertising, research and more.


Branding refers to the visual elements of a company. Branding refers to specific elements that range from the logo to the color theory and how the logo is used on different marketing collateral, a fancy name for websites, business cards, and letterhead.

Branding is about how your company makes people feel. It is one of the important parts of developing and invigorating your company. It’s about what feelings you need somebody to feel when they come into initial contact which is fundamentally significant for a startup, which hasn’t established any sort of impression yet for example.

Public Relations

PR, or public relations, is all about getting your brand out there into the press and that includes newspapers, magazines and TV but also the ever-growing universe of social media. It is using the media to achieve a client’s marketing objective. You can use public relations to communicate your message, build your image, motivate desired behavior, and generate greater revenues and profits. PR is only one of the marketing tools, and in order to be effective, you have to have a great online presence and consumer standing to back it up.


Advertising is pushing your message out through outbound marketing approach, with the digital era comes boundless new opportunities to advertise. Apart from traditional media advertising like billboards and TV, we have google Adwords and other dozen to choose from topping up social media advertising which has made it easier for anyone to start a business with almost nothing at all.


Research involves gathering points from different sources related to your company or your client’s. Internet is the brain of the world and anyone can access it with a few strokes of text on a search engine. While internet has made knowledge available to everyone, the competition is high and market research is needed to adapt.


While marketing is an umbrella which encompasses all of the above and more, the handle of that umbrella is sales. All of your marketing messaging should work together and have strong calls to action to drive bottom-line revenue which is the ultimate goal of any company.




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