Deep Cleaning & Destroying All Forms Of Malware On An Infected Windows installation

Simple Breakdown of the Tool:

Stage 0: Prep

Checks out the environment in which REDACTED will be running, performs a few very basic housekeeping tasks to help REDACTED run smoothly, and gives you a possible path to resurrection should Something Bad happen.

Stage 1: Tempclean

Cleans out a buttload of cache files to free up space on your system.

Stage 2: De-bloat

Uninstalls a myriad of well-known and rarely-liked bloatware in order to free up space on your system and (often) give you a bit of a performance boost.

Stage 3: Disinfect

Runs multiple anti-malware utilities to seek and destroy most malware.

Stage 4: Repair

Checks and attempts to repair permissions issues, your operating system, and the basic structure of your hard drive.

Stage 5: Patch

Updates several very common third-party apps (if they’re already installed on your system), and installs any pending Windows updates.

Stage 6: Optimize

Resets your Windows page file and defragments your hard drive (automatically disabled if you’re running an SSD).

Stage 7: Wrap-up

Sends a job completion email (if configured to do so), saves a log of its activity, and reboots the system (if the flag was set at launch).

Stage 8: Custom Scripts

REDACTED will execute any custom batch scripts installed in the appropriate folder. See Executing 3rd-Party Custom Scripts for full details.

Stage 9: Manual Tools

These are additional tools that are included with REDACTED but aren’t actually run automatically with REDACTED because they don’t support command line use, can’t be automated, and/or are only useful in very specific circumstances.

The tool is broken down into ten (10) distinct stages.

A full execution will go through Stages 0-8, but individual stages can be run by themselves if you wish. (For example, you can choose to run only Stage 3 and nothing else.)

I’ve included a full breakdown of the tool’s actions for any given stage alongside the download link below.


Tron (AKA TronScript)
Download: https://www.reddit.c…ow_popup_error/ 36

Advanced Breakdown:…ron-description 7
FAQ (Please read this!): https://www.reddit.c…s_.28general.29 4

Wiki: https://old.reddit.c…ript/wiki/index 2
Source Code: 3
Subreddit: 3
Always make sure you’re getting the latest version from the subreddit. The link I included is the latest as of 4/28/2021.

It’s a collection of scripts, and they’re all open source.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a clean install, nothing beats that “Fresh Windows” feeling, but if that’s not an option, this should be your next choice.

Not many people talk about it, and I think people on this site, of all places, could use it.

Happy learning!

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